Xbox Game Pass, September 2021: The second wave of games for subscribers

We continue the overview of Xbox Game Pass games with the second wave of September 2021, containing 13 new products coming soon.
Finally, we enter this interesting videogame autumn with the second wave of games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog for September 2021, which brings with it 13 titles, many of which are making their absolute debut, confirming once again the privileged relationship of this Microsoft subscription service with the world of indies.

Xbox Game Pass
Most of the games in question (if not all) in fact belong to this area, which we have seen proliferating with great success through Game Pass in collaboration with the ID @ Xbox program, also bringing some of the best experiences of recent years. Also in this case, the offer is wide and varied: waiting for the heavyweights that are expected for the next few months, let’s take a panoramic tour of this kaleidoscope of video games.

Flynn: Son of Crimson – Xbox, Cloud and PC,
Let’s start immediately with an absolute debut on day one on Xbox Game Pass, with this interesting Flynn: Son of Crimson, an interesting action platform with adventure elements made in 2D with a particular graphic style designed. Initially started with Kickstarter, the game then found an official distribution as soon as the considerable depth of the project developed by Studio Thunderhorse emerged: it is a game that recovers gameplay and atmospheres from the classic action platforms of the 16-bit era, adding some element of progression of the character and the particular characteristic of Dex, the wolf companion-mount of the protagonist Flynn, which expands the possibilities of movement and attack in the various situations in which we find ourselves.

I Am Fish – Xbox, Cloud and PC
From the point of view of the basic idea, I Am Fish could be one of the most interesting games of this period: it is a physics-based adventure in which we must try to guide various fish, torn from their natural environment, towards the freedom represented by the ocean. Basically, we find ourselves managing these creatures in completely different situations, trying in some way to get them to get to streams or to the sea, so that they can find their environment, but obviously having to face a series of threats and obstacles really. crazy. All this always keeping in mind the need to stay in the water, or at least to get out of it for the shortest possible time while trying to swim, fly, jump, crawl or roll towards freedom.

SkateBird – Xbox, Cloud and PC
What if you take Tony Hawk and turn into a sparrow? More or less what we see in SkateBird, or “Tiny Hawk”, so to speak: a game of skateboarding in all respects, where, however, instead of normal skaters there are birds of various kinds, engaged in tricks and maneuvers at the inside of tracks quite outside the box. Rather than actual skate parks, the birds in question perform in domestic settings or outdoors but on a greatly reduced scale, without however giving up a notable spectacle. Beyond the physical peculiarities of the protagonists, SkateBird is still a skateboard game in all respects, with ample possibilities for customization and obviously gliding facilitated by the use of the wings, even if the latter obviously limit some other movements, not having hands.

Superliminal – Xbox, Cloud and PC
Perception is essentially reality, said George Berkeley, and Superliminal, a bizarre puzzle game developed by Pillow Castle and intended to play with sight and mind in a rather shocking way, seems to be based on this principle. With a first-person view, we have to escape from a sort of surreal dream setting by trying to solve puzzles that have to do with perspective, impossible figures and contrasts between logic, physics and vision, in a continuous challenge between what is perceived and the reality, based on the constant ambiguity of perspective, sight and distances. Between dreamlike and disturbing tones, Superliminal is truly a hallucinating journey through enigmas that require thinking outside the box, relying on the senses as well as the