The Best Board Games On Steam For Pc and Mac Os

Nothing beats a good table populated with good friends for playing a board game. But when that’s not possible, have you ever wondered what are the best board games to play on PC or Mac with Steam? The digital counterparts of our beloved GDTs are now depopulating, and allow us to have (almost) the gaming experience of a good board game even in front of a screen.

It is thus possible to play with friends even very far away, or in special cases when it is not possible or comfortable to be all around a table. By now the choice among the many digital versions of board games is really vast, and it is therefore important to know how to choose which digital transpositions are more enjoyable, interesting and well made.

The best Steam board games on PC and Mac
Although some digital board games are also present on the Epic Games Store, GOG Galaxy and the like, the main service on which to buy digital board games is undoubtedly good old Steam. Valve’s client is available on all operating systems, and, in addition to a couple of solutions like Tabletopia and TableTop Simulator, it really offers many digital transpositions of board games to play on PC and Mac.

First of all it must be said that, unlike many video games, usually even the best digital editions of board games do not require large resources in terms of the power of the computer on which to be installed; it is thus possible to enjoy practically all digital boardgames even on PCs and Macs not of the latest generation or devoted to gaming.

This special on the best board games to play on PC and Mac with Steam will focus mainly, but not exclusively, on titles that can be played “only” on a computer; if you are interested in the best board games to play via App on iOS and Android, a dedicated special will soon arrive.

Twilight Struggle
Lorenzo the Magnificent
Spirit Island
Blood Rage
Roads of Ink – Railroad Ink Challenge
Brass Birmingham
Game of thrones