Parole Crociate: Mettiti alla prova con questi giochi!

For the fourth time on Webboh you can test yourself with the exclusive crosswords dedicated to the world of the web and its protagonists. This time, the definitions are totally linked to the highly anticipated Webboh Fest, the event to be held on Saturday 11 September 2021 in Mirandola. If you think you know everything about the singers and presenters of the event, put yourself to the test and complete the scheme!

How to play? If you have already dealt with the two previous schemes you already know what to do. If, on the other hand, it is the first time you try the game, we will explain the rules immediately: read the definition and fill in the boxes starting from the one with the number of the corresponding definition. Each box contains only one letter. If the word entered is correct, the word will turn green, while if it is incorrect it will be red. When you do not know how to answer, help yourself with the letters that you managed to obtain thanks to the compilation of the other definitions.

Warning: each definition consists of a single word and relates to characters and facts that we told you this summer.

If you can complete the pattern correctly, Miss Webboh will appear and congratulate you. If not, you can ask us for help on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram: Once the game is over, if you like, tag us or share a screenshot with the compliments of Miss Webboh.

Are you ready to challenge yourself with Webboh’s fearsome crosswords? Then get started right away. Good fun! Remember that you can retrieve the three previous schemes, the debut one, the summer one and the late summer one, or try other games and quizzes by visiting the Test and Quiz section of our site.