Deathloop’s Retail sales lower than other Arkane games at UK launch

Deathloop seems to have started very well on the market, but retail sales, that is for the physical game, for the United Kingdom, are lower than the other Arkane games at launch, according to what was reported by Christopher Dring.

The editor, who we can consider a person informed of the facts, made a clarification on the sales figures released this morning and related to the British software market, where Deathloop emerged in first position, explaining that sales on physical support are been the lowest so far for an Arkane game.

“Deathloop retail sales are the lowest seen so far for an Arkane game, but it’s just behind Prey. I suspect it has done well with digital sales, but Bethesda doesn’t share download data with the companies it does. they deal with rankings, so we don’t know “.

This is Dring’s message accompanying this morning’s UK ranking, where Deathloop is still first, at least based on the data collected by GFK which are still partial. There are in fact some clarifications to be made: the first is always the one concerning the fact that, in 2021, the sales figures that exclusively concern the physical market can only be very partial compared to the overall situation.

The other distinction concerns the fact that, in this case and unlike the other Arkane games, Deathloop is present in the ranking only in the PS5 version, given that it is an exclusive console for the moment and that the PC copies are not included in the collected data. . The game is certainly a critical success, as evidenced by the first enthusiastic votes recorded in the world and also our review of Deathloop.