Best Remedy Games September 2021

Tell the truth: even if it were not specified in the title, if we told you about games characterized by a frenetic and cinematic gameplay, by a cryptic and peculiar story, which development team would you think of? To us Remedy, and without thinking for a moment. The Finnish team has managed to create a style over the years, still alive today in the market and in the minds of the players.

In this regard, not before suggesting you take a look at the best cinematic and narrative games, let’s compile a list of the best Remedy games.

The best Remedy games
Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Alan Wake
Quantum Break

Max Payne
Leather jacket, two pistols, burst bullet time. Max Payne has too many distinctive elements to go by the wayside, which is why it was born to be an immortal video game, a cult work of Sam Lake. Along with its sequel that we will see later, it is also a little aged game: yes, the graphics are no longer jaw-breaking and the animations are certainly not in step with time, but the core gameplay yes, it still manages to entertain as it once did. Every so often it also surprises: just recently, fished it out before putting it on the list, our brains almost exploded when we saw an enemy overturn a table and use it as cover. And let’s not forget the story, or rather, the fictional films in graphic novel style and the incredible dialogues and monologues of Max. Immortal experience.